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March 2024
Karakuta Farm
Karakuta Farm Kiambu Kenya b

The Challenge & Solution

What Karakuta Farm is About?

Karakuta Farm serves as a comprehensive digital platform for Karakuta Farm, a Kenyan producer of Global GAP certified Hass avocados and fresh herbs. It showcases the farm’s commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, food safety, and empowering women farmers, while highlighting their innovative approach to enhancing traceability and real-time communication with customers.

Challenge Tackled

  • Developing an informative and visually appealing platform that effectively communicates the farm’s produce, farming methods, and commitment to sustainability.
  • Integrating an e-commerce functionality to facilitate direct sales of the farm’s fresh produce, including avocados and herbs, to customers worldwide.
  • Highlighting the farm’s use of controlled production environments, bio-fertilizers, and bio-insecticides, emphasizing their dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

Results from the Website

  • Increased visibility and brand awareness for Karakuta Farm, positioning them as a reputable and sustainable producer of high-quality avocados and herbs.
  • Facilitated direct sales and streamlined the ordering process for customers seeking fresh, traceable, and sustainably grown produce.
  • Fostered transparency and trust by showcasing the farm’s commitment to sustainable practices, food safety, and women empowerment.
  • Established an informative and user-friendly online presence, serving as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking responsibly sourced, premium agricultural products.