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March 2024
Utana Foundation Trust
Utana Foundation Trust b

The Challenge & Solution

What the Utana Foundation Trust is about?

The website serves as an online presence for the Utana Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable children in Kenya by providing food, clothing, and access to decent education. It highlights the foundation’s mission, rooted in the Kikuyu word “Utana,” which means generosity.

Challenge Tackled:

  • Creating a compelling and informative online platform to raise awareness about the Utana Foundation’s initiatives.
  • Designing a user-friendly experience that effectively communicates the foundation’s values and impact.
  • Optimizing the website to attract potential donors, volunteers, and supporters through enhanced online visibility.

Results from the website:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of the Utana Foundation’s mission and programs.
  • Streamlined communication of the foundation’s commitment to upholding children’s rights and providing essential support.
  • Improved outreach and engagement with potential donors, volunteers, and stakeholders through an accessible online presence.